[APP] Streamline Work Assignment Efficiency with Bridgit Bench

Bridgit Bench gives contractors a view into employees' work schedules: who is assigned to a project, who is over allocated and who is available

Bridgit Bench Logo

Mobile app: Bridgit Bench
Bridgit Inc.
Available on: Desktop, Android and Apple Devices

Bridgit Bench is a resource planning platform designed to streamline work assignment efficiency with insights into allocations and historical data. The software and mobile app are meant to replace outdated Excel processes. With the app, operations managers can:

  • View, search and filter projects
  • View details for all projects including a resourcing overview for each project
  • View, search and filter people in your workforce
  • View a complete profile for all people including project history, upcoming projects, summary of resourcing issues and personal information

Contractors can import or enter all employees into Bridgit Bench for one central place to view who needs work and manage future hiring needs. Users can see each employee’s current and past projects, overlapping workload issues, details such as certifications, and contact details. Contractors can use this feature to easily see who is on a project, who is available for an upcoming projects or who is over-allocated.

Expanded project/people gantts gives app users a bird’s eye view of all current and upcoming projects and the people assigned to them. It also shows any unfilled roles within a project.

The smart suggestions feature makes it easy to find the best person to fill a role based on title, availability and custom attributes.

Additional features:

  • Create custom allocations based on labor requirements per project
  • Assign people based on availability or other attributes
  • Real-time dashboards provide instant access to entire team allocations, resourcing statuses of projects and utilization reports.
  • Create unlimited attributions that can be sorted and searched to find the right person to fill a role
  • Centralized view of over-allocation, under-allocation and projects that have unfilled roles

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