Business Management Software Solution Offers Office Technology

Concrete contractor implements Maxwell Systems ProContractorMX 2.0

Maxwell Systems recently introduced ProContractorMX 2.0, an all-in-one construction business management software solution. The program allows for takeoff and estimating; bids and proposals; management of projects, procurements, financials, employees and payroll, and equipment; and provides intelligent dashboards and critical reports for timely analysis of projects or the business overall.

Noel Ferrell, owner of Ferrell Concrete, LLC of Hainesport, N.J., has been using ProContractorMX for about six months. Her company has an emphasis in commercial concrete construction. Ferrell says the solution is a great fit - with all the functionality her company needs today and as it grows.

Ferrell says some of the most useful components of the solution include its capability to store task coding for jobs, resulting in detailed information about how each project was built; the feature to attach unique compensation packages and pay rates to employee cost codes; and built-in reporting for items like certified payroll and monthly manning reports. She notes that having one software solution that encompasses all her needs is a benefit over maintaining several systems. "We only have to learn one program, and there is no miscommunication of numbers because all of the information comes from one place and because such comprehensive reporting systems are built in," Ferrell says. "In addition, updates are all coming from the same company so there are no problems with integration and having one program affect how another works."

Ferrell Concrete, LLC currently uses ProContractorMX to manage administrative tasks, payroll, material purchasing and job costing. The company plans to expand its use of the solution to leverage its features for estimating, tracking purchase orders and change orders, and to monitor all aspects of the company better. "When every penny counts you have to bite the bullet and do what it takes to know where every penny is," Ferrell says. "I didn't know with my old software, but I do with ProContractorMX."