National Center for Construction Education and Research

The continued development of a skilled construction workforce was probably one of the - if not the - largest issue facing the construction industry before the economy went south. With a large constituent of aging construction workers set to retire and not enough young construction workers strapping up their steel-toed boots we were looking a severe shortage of workers. Well we all know what has transpired the past months and this issue has essentially taken a back seat. But when the economy comes around and construction again reaches the heights it was recently at, this issue will be once again be front-and-center for the industry. To talk about the current state of the workforce in the construction industry and the importance of of developing skilled laborers, the Construction Business Podcast is proud to have Don Whyte, President of the National Center for Construction Education and Research, as its latest guest. Listen as Don shares his thoughts on how construction businesses can continue to develop their employees and the resources the NCCER has available to assist in this important task. Guest: Don Whyte Link to NCCER: