At World of Concrete 2021: ToolWatch To Unveil New Jobsite Portal Web Accessibility

To enhance collaboration and streamline internal operations, ToolWatch adds features to its jobsite portal that enhance communication, boost productivity, and improve accuracy. World of Concrete 2021 is scheduled for Las Vegas, June 8-10.

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The ToolWatch jobsite portal , a cloud-based system that serves as a cornerstone for construction companies' operations management, will now be available from any web browser, allowing users to manage field processes anytime from anywhere. This collaboration enhancing update has been beta tested by ToolWatch users and will be exhibited to the public at World of Concrete 2021 at booth #N1637.

The web portal is optimized for tablets and laptops, streamlining field management processes for supervisors on the jobsite and enabling teams to improve productivity through enhanced collaboration, communication and accuracy. Each individual jobsite will have a specific portal where all users can see team members' activity in real time.

"Expanding jobsite portal accessibility eliminates many time-consuming and error-prone steps of the field management process," said Don Kafka, CEO of ToolWatch. "Utilizing these features from anywhere increases levels of visibility, reduces tedious communication pipelines, and provides instantaneous tracking at every step. Streamlining these internal operations will be apparent in time and cost savings."

Features will be added to the ToolWatch web-based jobsite portal regularly, with field requisitions immediately to users. Web-based field requisitions will expand on ToolWatch's digital fulfillment process and introduce an e-commerce requisition experience, enabling users to browse or search for tools and equipment currently available on their job site or request from the warehouse.