StreetSmarts 8.0

Fcp Maxwell Streetsmarts 10774968
Maxwell Systems 10925077

StreetSmarts 8.0 is a comprehensive job cost accounting and project management software solution for heavy and highway construction businesses that includes tool to automate and manage inventory, orders and transportation of materials, as well as improve control of financials, equipment and more.

  • Access program from anywhere with connection to web browser
  • View, save, print and email reports right from viewer
  • Create and customize menu shortcuts for faster navigation to commonly used functions, reports and queries
  • Drill-down graphical reports show cost-to-budget and cost-to-revenue relationships on each project
  • Microsoft click-once technology allows server to keep client up-to-date eliminating the need for individual workstations
  • Dashboards put valuable graphs at users' fingertips
  • Customize User Menu, Group Menus and Home Page
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