ST-570-HZ RFID Tracking Device

Oem Data Delivery St 570 Hz Tr 10741245
Oemdatadelivery 10074068

OEM Data Delivery's ST-570-HZ powered active RFID tracking device wirelessly identifies individual equipment allowing worksite managers to automatically track location and activity of all capital assets.

  • Fully scalable and compatible with all equipment brands and models
  • Works seamlessly with any OEM GoPod data capture hub to record machine transactions of all types
  • Generates data critical for inventory allocation, management, maintenance and repair scheduling
  • Working range of -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)
  • Sealed and tested for dust and water resistance to IP67
  • 8K of program memory
  • Data uploads into any major back-office system and integrates with accounting software
  • Battery-free - draws energy from individual machine 
  • "Drive-by" data capture means it automatically identifies itself to nearby vehicles equipped with any type of GoPod system
  • Reports generated nightly and delivered via email and secure web reports
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