Leica Geosystems Offers Mobile, Agile 3D Reality Capture Solution for Boston Dynamics Spot

Leica Rtc360 On Boston Dynamics Spot Mobile Robot Covering Scans In Difficult Or Hazardous Terrains
Leica Geo 10814608

Leica's RTC360 3D laser scanner can be integrated into the Boston Dynamics Spot agile mobile robot to significantly reduce scanning time spent by operators by programming the devices to repeat automated scanning paths through sites. This requires minimal monitoring by the user, allowing for increased scanning efficiency, productivity, and flexibility when planning reality capture tasks. 

Once Spot and the RTC360 learn a programmed scanning route through a location, they can more easily and quickly repeat that route for regular scanning. The RTC360’s VIS (Visual Inertial System) technology uses five cameras to track the scanner’s movement within the site between scans. The VIS system provides accurate and automated in-field pre-registration to streamline the reality capture process. While scanning, the user only needs to trigger each scan remotely via mobile device while Spot and the RTC360 navigate the programmed scanning path, allowing the units to cover terrain that may be difficult or hazardous for a human operator.

VIS technology creates an easier, faster scanning workflow. For example, users can essentially “walk” Spot through a site by using a mobile device to control the RTC360 scanner. This enables users to speed up routine as-built documentation tasks and capture data accurately, quickly and frequently. It also automatically combines captured scan data from station to station as it knows its location in space, resulting in a completely pre-registered point cloud of the entire scanned site, which makes final data processing in the office much easier.

The RTC360 for Spot includes all needed installation accessories, a protection bar for the scanner cameras and software ensuring that users can get started within minutes. 

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