Ritchie Bros. Cloud-Based Inventory Management System

Ritchie Bros. designs a cloud-based Inventory Management System (IMS) to track usage, condition, deployment and remarketing of fleet equipment.

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Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions
Ritchie Bros Asset Solutions

Ritchie Bros., a leading asset management and disposition company, has spent the last couple of years developing an innovative, cloud-based Inventory Management System (IMS) designed to bring asset management and disposition into a new age. The free inventory management system features:

  • Ability to upload an entire fleet, with photos and detailed equipment info into a mobile-friendly dashboard
  • Helps gain insights needed to make critical decisions to run the business more effectively, providing access to a suite of solutions
  • Ability to request inspections, appraisals, pricing data and more
  • Tracks assets internally and sends equipment to a Ritchie Bros. sales channel with the click of a button
  • A spreadsheet upload feature allows for quick inventory input
  • Displays an entire fleet, where assets are deployed, research equipment values and more

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