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190D W and 220D W

The 190D W and 220D W wheeled excavators feature Tier III-certified engines and increases in horsepower, weight and digging forces over previous models.

  • 19-ft. 2-in. and 20-ft. 8-in. dig depths
  • Bucket forces to 29,000 lbs.
  • 5.2L Tier III-certified diesel engines rated at 159 hp
  • Powerwise III engine/hydraulic managements system
  • Available with mono- or two-piece booms
  • Cabs feature more legroom, lower noise levels and ergonomic, low-effort controls

John Deere Construction and Forestry Division


The 2.8-metric ton 28Z3 zero tailswing compact track excavator provides optimal visibility and performance in confined working areas.

  • 20.4-hp Yanmar three-cylinder engine
  • 9-ft. maximum digging depth
  • Available with standard or long dipperstick
  • Cab or canopy work station with an ergonomically designed operating environment
  • Includes rubber tracks, dozer blades, boom-mounted working lights and a control pattern selection switch
  • Lightweight and compact enough to be hauled with a standard size pickup trailer

Wacker Neuson Corporation

322D Boxer Mini-Skid

The 322D Boxer Mini-Skid from Compact Power accepts all of the same standard attachments as the larger Boxer models but was redesigned to target smaller jobsites. The machine has a 22-hp diesel engine, a 3,000 psi two-pump hydraulic operating system and a 1,325-lb. tipping capacity. Its 7-in. wide rubber tracks produce 3.3 psi ground pressure.

BOXER Equipment

521E Wheel Loader

The 23,722-lb. 521E wheel loader is powered by a 135-net-hp electronically controlled, Tier III-certified engine with common rail fuel injection system.

  • Three power curves and four work modes
  • Payload capacity up to 2.5 cu. yds.
  • Available in Z-bar and XT tool carrier configurations
  • Roomier, isolation-mounted cab designed for comfort and visibility
  • Standard single-lever joystick loader control
  • Optional Ride Control


B2 Series Loaders

The B2 Series includes six skid steers (216B2 to 252B2) from 1,400- to 2,500-lb. operating capacities, as well as the 247B2 and 257B2 multi terrain loaders with capacities of 2,050 and 2,500 lbs. (50% tipping load).

  • Ergonomic operator stations with pilot-operated joystick controls
  • High-performance powertrains provide high engine horsepower (from 49 to 70 hp) and torque, allowing part-throttle operation for lower sound levels and fuel consumption
  • Advanced hydraulic system
  • Optional high-flow hydraulic system offered on the 226B2, 242B2 and 257B2
  • Various cab and control options available


DC 8000 Compaction Plate

The Coneqtec/Universal DC8000 compaction plate delivers 8,000 lbs. of true vertical compaction force.

  • Dual counterweight design
  • Specially formed front up allows plate to be used for backdragging and leveling
  • 73-in. width extends past wheelbase for precise control around obstacles

Coneqtec / Universal


The Exca-Beak attachment is a grapple system for compact excavators and backhoe-loaders.

  • Allows the full operating range of your bucket
  • Available in all popular quick-tatch styles and can be supplied in pin-on configuration
  • Suitable for hardscaping, demolition, feeding chippers or tub grinders, concrete tear out, etc.

Daniel Mfg, Inc.

M-Series Skid Steers

The 7,707-lb. S630 radius lift path and 8,327-lb. S650 vertical lift path skid-steer loaders offer rated operating capacities of 2,180 and 2,690 lbs.

  • 74-hp Interim Tier IV engine
  • 23-gpm standard auxiliary hydraulic flow at 3,500 psi with optional 30.5-gpm high flow
  • 15% to 20% increase in tractive effort
  • 12.3-mph maximum travel speed
  • Cab-forward design and larger door and windows for improved visibility
  • 10% larger cab size with improved pressurization
  • Optional Selectable Joystick Controls, two speed and high-flow hydraulics

Bobcat Co. - Doosan Infracore

Skid Steer Compacting Leveler

The Skid Steer Compacting Leveler is available in 6-, 7- and 8-ft. widths.

  • Designed to work with laser (single or dual mast) or GPS equipment
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders control the smooth drum roller
  • Rear smooth drum roller delivers optimal flotation for precision grading with faster responses
  • Can be tilted back to allow operator to utilize just the smooth roller for firming graded areas

Double D Mfg., LLC

TL80 Compact Wheel Loader

The Terex TL80 Compact Wheel Loader is 59 hp, with bucket capacities between 1.0 to 1.6 cu. yd. and achieves a breakout force of 10,128 lbs. Each model incorporates transverse-mounted engines for optimal stability so Terex wheel loaders can lift and transport high payloads, and in turn lower fuel consumption. Designed with an oscillating rear axle, it provides comfort and easy handling on rough terrain by maintaining 4-wheel traction, as well as articulated steering to effortlessly maneuver in tight spaces.

Terex ASV

YUCHAI Excavators

Concrete Contractor Text:

  • Full line from 1.5 - 23 Ton excavators
  • Brand name engines and components
  • Standard A/C on enclosed cab
  • Zero Tail Swing models available

YC Machinery & Equipment Inc. offers a complete line of excavators spanning the 1.5- to 22.5-ton weight classes.

  • 3,804-lb. YC15 offers a 5-ft. 11-in. maximum digging depth, 2,361-lb. maximum digging force and 19.71-hp Perkins or Kubota diesel engine
  • 47,407.5-lb. YC225 supplies a 21-ft. 10-in. digging depth, 32,600-lb. digging force and 155.6-hp Cummins QSB6.7 engine
  • Most models include a "Servo Hydraulic Pilot device" and 360° platform rotation

YC Machinery & Equipment Inc. / YUCHAI