National Pavement Expo Product Spotlight 2005

Start planning your visit to the NPE exhibit floor with this sampling of products that will be on display in Atlanta next month.

MVC-64 Plate Compactor

  • One-way vibratory plate compactors include four models featuring 4.3-hp Robin or 4-hp Honda
  • Generate 2,275 lbs. of impact force and 5,600 vpm
  • Travel up to 82 fpm and compact areas up to 5,658 sq. ft. per hour
  • Weigh 165 lbs. with water tank and 143 lbs. without

Multiquip Inc.

Pavement Sealer

  • High solids content
  • 100% coal tar emulsion
  • Colloid milled for consistency
  • Less filler
  • Jet black color

The Brewer Company

Deutz 914 Series

  • Meets EU Level 2 and EPA Tier 2 exhaust emissions
  • 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-cylinder naturally aspirated and turbocharged in-line models
  • 28- to 149-kW (at full load) power ranges

Deutz Corp.

Mini Asphalt Paver

  • Paves 36 in. to 6 ft. wide
  • Paves highway shoulders, bike and park paths, utility trenches, highway patching, golf cart paths, carports, guardrail aprons, and walkways
  • Removable side panels
  • Free-floating, adjustable screed

Salsco Inc.

Star Aviator

  • FAA compliant specialty sealer for airport projects
  • Rubber is hot blended for superior performance
  • Eliminates rubber latex mixing requirements on the jobsite
  • Outperforms all other FAA conventional mix designs
  • Pre shipment certification issued by STAR, upon request

STAR, Inc.

435 Regenerative Air Unit

  • 4-cu.-yd. steel hopper
  • Drop down, pivoting hopper screen; 72-in. dump height
  • Patented centrifugal dust separator
  • Hydraulically operated, heavy-duty dump door

Tymco Inc.

TruPave Paving Fabric

  • Non-woven fiberglass/polyester hybrid fabric
  • Withstands hot mix asphalt temperatures (up to 495° F)
  • Resists shrinking and stretching

Owens Corning/Trumbull Asphalt

Replacement Brooms

  • Flick action for debris collection
  • Made with virgin polypropylene filament
  • Gutter Brooms filled with super oil tempered wire
  • Tube Brooms made with virgin polypropylene filament

United Rotary Brush Corp.

Sealcoating Trailer

  • 3-gal. filter pots
  • Hannay reels, 100 ft. of hose
  • Rubber wipers keep inside of tank clean
  • Front decks on all trailer systems
  • Extended deck option to hold 30-gal. melter and propane bottles


2000 Series Palletized Striper

  • Conventional or airless spray
  • Fits into a 1-ton standard pickup truck
  • Automatic skip line control

Kelly-Creswell Company

Infrared Pro Heat 2000

  • 48-sq.-ft. Ultra glo pavement heater
  • 2-ton asphalt reclaimer
  • Compactor lift
  • Tool storage

Kasi Infrared

Kettle and Crack Jet

  • KM 55 Melting Kettle is thermostatically controlled; 55-gal. capacity; full-sweep agitation
  • KM Crack Jet is self-contained heat lance with 2800° F at 90 CFM output

Keizer-Morris Inc.

Truncated Domes

  • Individual detectable warnings
  • Install around hazardous vehicular ways, access ramps, etc., to meet ADA guidelines
  • White or yellow, with glass beads

Vanguard ADA Systems of America Inc.

Sprockets & Idlers

  • Rubber and polyurethane sprockets, 9- and 11-in. sizes
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Replacement wear parts available for most rotary broom sweepers

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.