REMU Crossover Screening Buckets

Exchangeable work/tool module allows a single bucket frame to be connected to multiple work modules

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The Crossover Buckets (XO series) consist of a bucket frame that can be connected to multiple work modules for quicker transition between operations.

  • Modules include a blade screen (SB) for screening topsoil, a screener crusher (SC) for grinding lumpy material and a vibrating screen (SV) for separating sand or other loose, dry materials and shaking waste and dirt from recyclable material
  • Can also be used for loading or moving materials
  • Modules can be changed in 10 minutes
  • 474-lb. XO2090 offers a .45-cu.-yd. bucket capacity and is recommended for excavators over 5 tonnes, and the 694-lb. XO2150 has a .72-cu.-yd. capacity and is suited to excavators over 8 tonnes
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