Caterpillar Side Discharge Buckets

1.0- to 2.33-cu.-yd.-capacity buckets collect and transport loose materials and discharge it via a belt-type conveyor

Caterpillar Side Discharge Buckets2

These 1.0- to 2.33-cu.-yd. capacity side discharge buckets collect and transport loose materials such as sawdust, sand, mulch and topsoil and discharge it via a 12-in.-wide belt-type conveyor from manually adjustable openings (doors) on either side of the bucket. A rotating agitator works to keep material flowing to the conveyor.

  • Adjusting conveyor speed and door openings controls volume of material discharged and the area covered
  • Rubber conveyor belt features a heavy-duty raised chevron tread design and adjustable tensioning device
  • Two externally mounted, reversible hydraulic motors power the conveyor directly
  • Agitator assembly directly powered via a third high-torque hydraulic motor
  • Agitator paddles available in sand and sawdust configurations
  • Designed for use with skid-steer loaders, multi-terrain loaders, compact track loaders and compact wheel loaders
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