What PC-11 Means for Off-highway and Construction Vehicles

PC-11 oils will surpass the current CJ-4 oil technology for improved protection, performance and fuel economy

PC-11, which stands for Proposed Category 11, is a new category of engine oils due out in early 2017. The new PC-11 oils will surpass the current CJ-4 oil technology and will be available in two different types of oils — often referred to as PC-11A and PC-11B for easy understanding. 

Industry Update: Engine Oil Proposed Category 11 (PC-11)

The PC-11A oil will be a direct replacement for oils contractors are currently using now in their engines. Contractors will be able to purchase the same viscosity grades and oil types as they are using now, including conventional, full synthetic and synthetic blend oils. PC-11A oils will be backwards compatible to current vehicles.

The PC-11B oils will be offered in lower viscosity grades and designed to maximize fuel economy without compromising durability. These oils will have limited backwards compatibility.

Video: Heavy Duty Engine Oil Category PC-11 Development

What does this mean for off-highway and construction equipment? Hopefully improved protection and performance. In order to meet PC-11 requirements the new oils have to pass 20 strict industry tests. PC-11A oils will build on CJ-4 technology with improvements in oxidation resistance, shear stability and aeration control.

The PC-11B oils are being designed for the next generation of diesel engines to help maximize fuel economy.

Video: How PC-11 Oils Can Improve Fuel Economy

While the release date may change, contractors should look for the first licensing of PC-11 oils in early 2017.

Information taken from whatispc-11.com.