[PODCAST] Briggs & Stratton Unveils Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Briggs & Stratton has developed a 5 kW lithium battery power source, and plans 2.5 kW and 10 kW options in the future.

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Listen to this Digging Deeper podcast to learn about the Briggs & Stratton 5 kW lithium-ion battery and how it differs from other battery options currently on the market.

Stephen Avery, application engineer for electrification products with Briggs & Stratton, goes into detail about the new 5 kW, 48V phase system lithium-ion battery the company recently released.

The battery features cylindrical cells for safety and additional benefits. The cell's modular assembly also makes it easier to service and replace. The modular assembly means the whole unit will not have to be replaced.

With the lithium-ion batteries, up to four packs of the same size can be paralleled; so with the 5 kW option contractors can parallel up to four packs for up to 20 kW.

The 5 kW battery is currently in production. The company has plans to release a 2.5 kW and 10 kW options in the future.