Chevron Extends Off-highway Equipment Life with Advanced Coolants

Reformulated coolants like Chevron's Delo ELC Advanced can offer better performance than coolant conditioners in aluminum radiators and engine cooling systems manufactured with Controlled Atmospheric Brazing (CAB) techniques

Chevron's new Delo ELC Advanced Extended Life Coolant.
Chevron's new Delo ELC Advanced Extended Life Coolant.

By Dan Holdmeyer

In an effort to improve cooling performance, off-highway equipment OEMs have introduced aluminum radiators and engine cooling systems manufactured with Controlled Atmospheric Brazing (CAB) techniques. However, the industry has found that when traditional coolants are used in these engines, particularly coolants containing nitrites, there are adverse chemical reactions with the unpassivated or unoxidized aluminum material used. These reactions damage the cooling system components.

To counter this issue, the industry has developed ways of dealing with these chemical reactions to preserve cooling system life. Some OEMS now specify nitrite-free coolants to address this issue, but many have dealt with the issue by offering aluminum conditioners, or coolant additives, that passivate the exposed metal. The problem is that these conditioners are not systematically applied or 100 percent effective – there’s no guarantee that the conditioners will be distributed evenly or that all cooling system components will be coated.

A better solution is to reformulate the coolant itself. For example, Chevron has developed an advanced coolant that controls reactions with aluminum cooling system components, thereby extending both cooling system and coolant life. Chevron’s new Delo ELC Advanced Extended Life Coolant incorporates innovative changes to the composition of the coolant, using patented additive technology to improve cooling system performance.

Delo ELC Advanced uses a Nitrited Organic Additive Technology (NOAT) formulation that controls the reaction with aluminum components and flux to extend system and coolant life. Delo ELC Advanced makes life easier for equipment operators, because they don’t have to add an extra conditioner to reduce the risk of a chemical reaction with the nitrite and unpassivated aluminum in their coolant systems.

Delo ELC Advanced products provide excellent extended life coolant system protection in diesel, natural gas and CNG engines for both on- and off-road applications. Delo ELC Advanced contains a special formulation designed to improve compatibility with the industry changes to more CAB brazed aluminum components, more heat exchangers, and higher operating temperatures.

The remedy for damaging chemical reactions in off-road equipment cooling systems is not to condition legacy coolant formulations, but to replace the coolant itself with one that has anti-reaction chemistry built in. Delo ELC Advanced is formulated with anti-reaction components so it can be used without conditioners to deliver better cooling system performance.

With over 35 years in the oil and gas industry, Dan Holdmeyer has worked for Chevron the past 16 years, serving in a variety of capacities with the company in addition to his current post as Industrial and Coolants Brand Manager where he works as a lubrication engineer that supports Chevron Delo and other related lubricants brands. He plays an integral role in supporting and managing a variety of programs related to off-highway and on-highway lubrication needs. Dan also works as Chevron’s Training Specialist for their Global Lubricants division since joining the company. Prior to joining Chevron, Dan worked as a Field Engineer at Mobil Oil Corporation for 20 years (1979-99) after graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

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