8 Cooling System Dos and Don'ts

Knowing what to do and not to do with cooling system maintenance can be the difference between top performing equipment and engine failure.

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Maintaining your cooling system is essential not only to keep your equipment running but to keep your engine from failing. Polaris Laboratories offers a quick list of eight dos and don'ts when it comes to maintaining your cooling system.

  • DO use water that meets specifications
  • DO use the same coolant formulation
  • DO test your engine coolant at every PM
  • DO ensure correct coolant testing is included in you test package
  • DON'T use just any type of water to mix with antifreeze
  • DON'T mix different coolant corrosion protection formulations
  • DON'T put coolant in and forget about it
  • DON'T just test the cooling system without understanding

To find out why these dos and don'ts are important, read the full article from Polaris Laboratories.