Trackunit White Book Aims to Eliminate Construction Downtime

White book provides a guide to 100 key insights and learnings construction equipment owners need to eliminate downtime on a global scale


Trackunit has launched the Eliminate Downtime White Book 2020, the largest co-created collection of insights and stories on the topic of downtime in construction equipment.

At this time of enforced downtime mandated to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, construction equipment owners have the opportunity to audit their processes and systems used across their value chain. This white book contains examples of how the most efficient organizations are navigating their way to productivity gains.

The white book embraces the expertise, human stories and technology trends that have been captured during the past 12 months to reduce waste and increase productivity in the construction industry. The 10-chapter publication  provides examples of facts and learnings, stories, key questions and the challenges that the industry continues to face.

The white book also features 10 transformative principles created by the Eliminate Downtime Committee. Each chapter delivers 10 points, forming the 100 key insights uncovered by the report’s authors.

According to Soeren Brogaard, CCO at Trackunit and initiator of the Eliminate Downtime movement, “The Eliminate Downtime White Book documents real stories, real people and organizations that recognize the problems the industry faces every day. These people and organizations are collaborating to implement solutions at a human and technology level. I have said before that downtime is the mother of all problems in our industry. By documenting how the industry is engaging with the challenges, we offer a guide that people at all levels can gain insights from and hopefully spark new ideas that will continue to drive this movement forward.”   

Eliminate Downtime White Book 2020 – Content

  • 10 Reasons Why Now Is the Right Time to Eliminate Downtime in Construction
  • 10 Key Findings About Downtime  
  • 10 Principles for TransformationTrackunit1
  • 10 Stories How Humans Deal with Downtime
  • 10 Key Challenges the Construction Industry Faces
  • 10 Stories About AI and Data 
  • 10 Must-Reads to Eliminate Downtime
  • 10 Start-Ups Where Tech Eliminates Downtime
  • 10 Examples Why We’re Not Alone - How Other Industries Eliminate Downtime
  • 10 Key Questions for You and Your Team

Key Findings

Key findings from the Eliminate Downtime Benchmark survey results illustrate distinct differences between high and low Eliminate Downtime performers. For example, it indicates 55% of construction companies do not exploit the full potential of the data they gather. The reason behind the unused data is 83% of these companies report they lack knowledge of how to use their data.

Other key findings include:

  • When it comes to environmental protection, idle time is a key concern. The average idle time for machines in construction is 36%. However, the study shows that 22% of the respondents underestimate this number.
  • Only 1 of 3 enterprise rental companies (Fleet size: 10,000 - 100,000) can document that a customer knows the security procedures of machines. While 100% of enterprise rental companies agree that training programs for operators are not a waste of money, 33% of them state that operators do not receive sufficient training.
  • The survey data shows that companies with more than 50% of their fleet connected enjoy 23% higher financial performance than the rest and companies with more than 75% of their fleet connected enjoy 51% higher financial performance than the rest.

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