MACK Bulldog Coolants

Mack Bulldog Heavy Duty Hd Pf 10781484
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Bulldog Extended Life and Heavy-Duty coolants are formulated to exacting Mack powertrain standards.

  • Bulldog Extended Life coolant is silicate- and phosphate-free and delivers a service life of 600,000 miles or 12,000 hours or 48 months with no extender needed
  • Bulldog Heavy-Duty PF Coolant is fully formulated, phosphate-free and offers a service life of 300,000 miles or 6,000 hours or 24 months
  • Designed for use in a variety of cooling system applications, including on-road, off-road and stationary engine applications
  • Suited for vehicles fueled with gasoline, diesel and natural gas
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