Sotcher Model 627 Generator Test Set

Self-contained load bank can be used for electrical load testing of AC generators

Load Bank 627

This Generator Test Set, also known as a generator tester, load bank or dummy load, provides a fully controllable load that mimics the real load the generator would see in normal operation.

  • Generators up to 10 kW can be loaded to full capacity
  • Combines two load banks in one, providing a 0-90A (0-10,800 watt) load at 120V or 0-45A (0-10,800 watt) load at 240V
  • Allows performance of both the engine and generator to be evaluated
  • Useful for restoring the full capacity to diesel-powered generators by burning off the fuel deposits that have collected while operating under light loads
  • Can also be used as a UPS tester
  • Larger generators can be tested using two test sets
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