Maxam Announces Partnership with FAYAT Road Building

Maxam Announces Partnership with FAYAT Road Building

KANSAS CITY, MO - Maxam announces a partnership with FAYAT France to market Maxam's AQUABlack warm mix system throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

FAYAT is one of France's leading construction businesses. The company manufactures and markets asphalt plants throughout Europe, Asia and Africa through its wholly owned subsidiaries Ermont and Marini.

Maxam is eager to share this technology with asphalt producers around the world.

"We are incredibly excited about this endeavor and look forward to a long and healthy relationship with FAYAT," says Andy Welch, project manager with Maxam. "With our advanced technology and their resources and contacts, we expect this relationship to benefit both companies greatly. Businesses in our industry across the world will benefit from our system."

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