Professional Pavement Products Takes Pavement Maintenance Industry's Only Weather Monitoring Tool to Whole New Level

Introducing the First Fully Dynamic, Weather-Based Sealer and Traffic Paint Application Indicator Scale

JACKSONVILLE, FL- Professional Pavement Products is proud to announce that their popular weather-based DAF Scale is now available fully dynamic and nationwide at

The DAF, or Driskell Application Factoring Scale is the pavement maintenance industry's first and only weather-based sealer and paint application indicator scale. It tracks locally forecasted weather points to assist contractors in determining the best days and times to apply sealer and paint, enabling them to increase productivity while reducing risk and even assists in extending their application season.

Using a proprietary formula developed by PPP President, Greg Driskell, the DAF Scale analyzes several critical weather factors needed for successful application of sealer and pavement marking paint and translates them into a simplified, color-coded rating of 1 to 10.

The DAF Scale has been tested widely in the field for over two years and is proven to be accurate and reliable. Until now, it was previously available only to PPP customers located in the six cities PPP has warehouse outlets and six additional cities customers had voted for online.

The scale is based on weather forecasts provided by using 5-digit US zip codes. The scale is not yet available for international locations.