Bergkamp Announces Customer-Focused Company Restructure

The company will develop separate contractor-, government- and corporate-focused business units.

SALINA, KS - Bergkamp Inc., based in Salina, KS, is restructuring its company to provide even more customer service and support and to improve its manufacturing capabilities. As part of this endeavor, the company will realign its employee structure and add additional positions in order to continue to provide the best service and equipment for its customers.

This will include the development of separate contractor- and government-focused business units designed to better meet each customer's individual needs, a production-focused business unit created to ensure the safety, quality and continuous improvement of all equipment manufactured, and a corporate business unit focused on providing the right tools to help all business units within the company function at the highest level possible. Bergkamp's new company structure reflects its dedication to this growing market and the needs of its customers.

"Our customers deserve quality solutions they can count on," commented Scott Bergkamp, Bergkamp's President. "Our new structure will allow us to expand our resources to more efficiently meet the demands of the industry and continue to manufacture the high quality, innovative equipment our customers depend on, all while delivering the highest level of customer service and support."

The contractor customer business unit will be responsible for working with contractors to provide equipment and business solutions to help them complete their jobs quickly and cost effectively. These unique solutions give customers a competitive edge and provide industry knowledge and experience and innovative equipment designed to simplify the pavement preservation process.

The government customer business unit will be responsible for working with government officials and personnel to provide the best solutions for the preservation of federal, state and local roads. Bergkamp manufactures innovative equipment like the Flameless Pothole Patcher and its new InPave Telemetric System that provide government officials with safe, easy and proven solutions that produce the most work with the lowest effort and the highest predictability of success.

Another benefit of Bergkamp's new structure is the addition of a dedicated service repair and repair parts support system. This additional service will benefit both the contractor customer business unit and the government customer business unit by working directly with equipment owners to maintain, repair and extend the life of their equipment.

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