Canadian Shield Opens SealMaster In Canada In 2011

The first licensed Canadian SealMaster location will be opening in Brantford, Ontario.

SANDUSKY, OHIO - Canadian Shield Pavement Preservation Products, Ltd. will open Canada's first licensed SealMaster manufacturing and distribution location in Brantford, Ontario. The facility should be operational by late spring 2011 and will join existing international manufacturing locations in China, Australia and Mexico.

"We are excited to welcome Canadian Shield to our group of international Licensees," said Don Galliers, Managing Director of the international division of ThorWorks Industries (the parent company of SealMaster world-wide). "Jeff's family and their partners in Canadian Shield, McAsphalt Industries, are uniquely-positioned to bring the SealMaster brand and full range of products to Canada."

In addition to Canada, accelerated growth continues in both the US and internationally. According to Tim Stephens, SealMaster Franchise Director, "By this spring, we will have opened new franchise locations in Alabama, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Even in these tough economic times our existing Franchises continue to grow and expand within their territories. We currently have 25 manufacturing facilities and more than 70 sales and distribution centers in the US."

Galliers states, "SealMaster products are now available through new distributors in Egypt, Barbados and the Dominican Republic. Overall, SealMaster products are distributed in more than 65 countries."

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