Topcon Introduces SiteMaster and SiteMaster Lite

Topcon's new office software provides construction survey solution.

LIVERMORE, CA - Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) introduces two new products in its office software 'Master' series - Topcon SiteMaster and Topcon SiteMaster Lite.

Topcon SiteMaster is an integrated design, surface modeling and construction survey solution.

Mark Contino, vice president of product marketing, said, "SiteMaster provides ease-of-use and integration for Topcon field equipment and 3D-MC (machine control) systems. Whether it's the initial boundary and topo survey, or a complicated multi-surface construction site, a simple road design or a multilane divided highway design, Topcon SiteMaster provides the user everything needed to complete the project and prepare the surface model for use with 3D-MC systems.

"From project start-to-finish, control of critical data flow from data collection, survey data analysis, engineering design, surface modeling, design stakeout, to as-built survey…it can all be accomplished easily and accurately with SiteMaster." The new software can also accommodate plot design plans, as-built survey and revision plans.

SiteMaster features include:

  • Import/export 3D-MC project files
  • Surface (DTM) creation/editing;
  • Road design (template and/or strings);
  • Manual road data entry/editor;
  • Site design;
  • 2D to 3D conversion tools;
  • Volumes;
  • Survey and COGO utilities;
  • Extensive import/export options;
  • Supports AutoCAD DWG/DXF files;
  • Supports MicroStation design files;
  • Synchronization with Pocket 3D and Topcon's TopSURV; and
  • Single file projects.

SiteMaster Lite
Topcon's new SiteMaster Lite is designed for users who do not require the complete functionality of Topcon SiteMaster, but need the ability to import and export, and verify and modify 3D-MC project files. Contino said, "An easy-to-use import and export utility is provided for 3D-MC files taking the guess work out of what files are needed for a project."

SiteMaster Lite features include:

  • Data compatibility
  • Single file projects
  • Pocket 3D & TopSURV interoperability
  • Surface (DTM) creation/editing
  • Drafting tools (lines, points and arcs)
  • Horizontal alignments
  • Vertical alignments
  • Manual road data entry
  • Supports 3D-MC project files
  • Supports 3D-MC design files; and
  • USB 'plug-and-go' concept.
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