Ergodyne Introduces New Product for Extreme Cold Conditions

Company expands N-Ferno product line with Hot Rox heat exchanger.

ST. PAUL, MN - Ergodyne announces the introduction of Hot Rox, a new technology designed to help workers stay warm in extreme cold conditions. The Hot Rox heat exchanger mouthpiece captures heat and vapor in worker exhalations, then warms and humidifies air for return to the body during inhalation. With its 80 percent efficiency rate, the Hot Rox is an effective way to help keep core body temperatures in the safe zone on frigid days. Breathing warm, humidified air also slows dehydration and reduces the risk of hypothermia and overall body stress.

Hot Rox is found in the N-Ferno model 6970 Extreme Balaclava, which features thick, stretchy fleece for maximum warmth of the neck, head and face. The product is ideal for workers subject to extreme cold temperatures, including those in construction, freight and baggage, drilling and mining, oil and gas refining, iron and steel work, delivery and service, landscaping, cold storage warehousing and material handling.


  • 320g fleece for warmth in extreme conditions
  • Four-way stretch fleece snugly and comfortably covers the neck, ears and face
  • Comfort design includes raglan sleeves, stretch fabrics and flat seams
  • Patented Hot Rox heat exchanger to warm incoming air
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