CS Unitec's Tool and Equipment Website Available in Spanish

Spanish version of website covers CS Unitec's complete line of equipment and tools for construction and industry.

CS Unitec has announced that their website is now available in Spanish. Like CS Unitec's original website in English, the Spanish version covers their complete line of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric power tools for construction and industry. CS Unitec manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic saws, drills and special tools for the oil, gas, construction and mining industries. They include non-sparking and non-magnetic safety tools; concrete saws, drills, diamond core bits, portable mixers, dust extraction tools and vacuums for concrete and masonry. Other special equipment include sanding, grinding and polishing tools, portable magnetic drills, nutrunners and drive motors for metal working. The Spanish-language website may be accessed through the homepage of CS Unitec's English-language website, www.csunitec.com, or directly at www.csunitec.com/spanish.