PALFINGER to Launch New Brands and New Products at ICUEE

PALFINGER to launch new brand strategy at 2009 ICUEE Show at debut its new PK 11001 Corner Mount Crane.

At the upcoming ICUEE show PALFINGER will be unveiling the brands that unify the PALFINGER North America Group. MBB PALFINGER, Omaha Standard PALFINGER, PALFINGER American Roll-off and EagleLift PALFINGER will debut under the PALFINGER banner.

In booth N2013 will be a PK 150002 knuckle boom crane - the largest knuckle boom offered in PALFINGER's crane range. Several other models of knuckle boom cranes will be on display including a PK 15500 crane for pole handling applications and a PK 6001 crane for propane applications.

Making its debut to the worldwide market will be the company's new PK 11001 Corner Mount crane with a 70,000 rating. The PK 11001 CM also has PALFINGER's Paltronic 50 system and comes standard with the BMS-2 Radio Remote Control.The hydraulic out outrigger is standard as are the swivel pads on both stabilizer legs.

The container handling products that will be on display include a PALFINGER T60 hooklift with dump body and a PALFINGER American Roll-off XT hoist. With more than 30 different models and lifting capacities, the PALFINGER brand of hooklifts and roll-offs provide a safe alternative in the handling of solid and liquid waste, scrap metal, building refuse and recycling.

Representing the truck-mounted forklift line will be the Crayler CR 65 and CR 55 4-way units. The PALFINGER Crayler forklift offers power, speed and the maneuverability needed to delivery brick, blocks, lumber, wallboard and other materials to the worksite.

In booth L394 the company will be highlighting the PALFINGER Omaha Standard and MBB PALFINGER products. On display will be a General Purpose Contractor truck complete with a PALFINGER Omaha Standard Heavy Duty Platform, a PK 6001 knuckle boom crane and a PALFINGER Omaha Standard Scissor Hoist. It's an ideal unit for the hauling needs of contractors, electricians, roofers, plumbers, concrete finishers and lawn irrigation companies.

A PALFINGER Omaha Standard Service Vehicle (OSV) with rear access doors in the end panels, master lock system, interior grab handle, grip punch galvannealed steel step bumper and sliding bulkhead door will also be on display. The OSV gives users large outside storage compartments and a roomy interior work space with shelves for additional cargo. The optional rear conduit chute provides for interior storage of pipe, conduit and other materials up to 10 feet in length.

Also making its appearance at this year's show will be a 2009 Chevy 2500 with a PALFINGER Omaha Standard Service Body and an EDL54 EagleLift liftgate.. MBB PALFINGER and Eagle Lift PALFINGER offer more than 40 different models of liftgates.

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