HA33 CJ / HA33 CJ+

Ha33cj 10244861

The HA33 CJ/HA33 CJ+ compact electric articulating boom is designed to meet all working requirements at 33 feet in tight spaces. With a width of 3 feet 11 inches and a tight turning radius, the HA33 CJ / HA33 CJ+ can pass through standard doorways and is able to carry out three simultaneous movements: drive and steer plus either rotate the turret or move the jib, or rotate the platform (or rotate the jib on the HA33 CJ+). Due to the vertical jib rotation of 70°/- 70°, the compact electric articulating boom enables operators to reach the most difficult working areas with the possibility to use inside and outside. The new HA33 CJ+ has a horizontal rotating jib (+90/-90°) which offers additional flexibility to reach all working areas. The direct electric transmission system means less energy is required. There are charge indicators on both control panels and the battery box is straightforward to access for quick and easy maintenance. The platforms meet the requirements of the latest labor regulations, and also meet standards (CE marking, EN 280, ANSI, CSA).

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