Fuchs Newest Innovation

The all new MHL375 F bridges the gap in the 132,000 – 154,00 lbs. category.


The machine was designed from scratch. The main target groups are all scrap yards which load shredders or shears, steel mills, and river terminals.

  •  Dual tires.
  •  adaptable the undercarriage 
  • the overall design was optimized to ensure maximum service life.
  • high load capacity,
  • Linde hydraulic system, which makes for a more agile machine
  • over the air software updates
  • The modular system lets customer customize their machine to their requirements 
  •  dual or single tires,
  • loading systems with a reach of 59´ or 65´7´´
  • various lifting cab systems,
  • electric or standard diesel engines
  • larger undercarriage than the MHL390 
  • charging station for mobile phones
  • air-conditioned food storage box
  • ambient lighting
  • status messages on the display screen. 

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