Topcon Thermal Mapping System for Asphalt Paving

Temperature quality control system will help accelerate asphalt paving outcomes

Thermal Mapper 01
Topcon 10859232

The Topcon Thermal Mapper for asphalt paving is designed to monitor temperature segregation to prevent future problems and measure performance, as well as easily provide accurate compliance reporting — all with real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning accuracy.

  • The mapper records temperature readings behind an asphalt paver as the paving is in progress and provides a visualization to operators in real time of whether the mix falls within a pre-defined temperature range, and if any segregation is limited within specifications
  • The mapper quickly tells operators if the mix is stable or if moderate or severe temperature variation is occurring. If the readings are unacceptable, operators can adjust for more efficient and accurate project outcomes
  • System creates data reporting files to download for applications such as DOT compliance through an interactive Pavelink module, the Topcon cloud-based logistics application for asphalt paving
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