Enerpac Innovates the Mount Flange Facing Machines

The flange facing machines have gotten bigger and better providing the versatility expected from a Mirage product.

Mirage OD Mount Flange Facing Machines
Mirage OD Mount Flange Facing Machines
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 Enerpac introduces a new range of external mount flange facing machines designed for fast installation and the accurate machining of large diameter flanges.

  • The new Mirage OD mount flange facers are designed to machine flanges up to 80” diameter used in the power generation, oil & gas and ship building industries. 
  • Each of the six machines in the range includes a continuous variable auto-feed that enables on-site machinists to create a wide range of continuous groove surface finishes to ASME standards.
  • Robust construction and the inclusion of heavy-duty bearings ensures all the machines deliver high metal removal rates while at the same time delivering accurate results
  • The new products provide the versatility expected from a Mirage product, and when used for heat exchanger refurbishment they go a step further
  • Convenience has been taken to the next level by providing the clever option of attaching a Mirage LMR milling rail while the machine is still mounted onto the heat exchanger
  • This innovative feature makes it easier and quicker for the operator to mill heat exchanger division slots. Machining the back face of the flanges can also be carried out using an optional back facing kit
  • The Enerpac engineering team met the challenge of creating a range of OD mount flange facers more robust and accurate than others on the market
  • One of the key requirements was to speed up the job time for machinists working on heat exchanger projects - and these new designs make this possible
  • Machines in the OD facer range are available with a choice of pneumatic or hydraulic drive motors
  • Offering both options ensures the machines can be used in many different working environments
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