The Contractor's Best Friend Podcast Episode 3: Millennials in the Workplace, Pt. 1

Listen for a quick guide to speaking the language of millennials, the future leaders of the construction industry.

Millennials in the Workplace
Millennials in the Workplace

In the first part of Millennials in the Workplace, Brad and Caterpillar experts, Lonnie Fritz, Jason Hurdis, and Scott Hagemann, share how to prepare for millennials on the jobsite and why it’s important to relate to them. Caterpillar shares the apps they have created to aid in training and digital solutions, as well as showing how things fit together on a jobsite.

Moderated by:
Brad Humphrey, The Contractor’s Best Friend, Pinnacle Development Group - Founder

Brought to you by:
Lonnie Fritz, Caterpillar Inc, Market Professional – Construction Industries
Jason Hurdis, Caterpillar Inc, Global Market Professional – Quarry & Aggregates Industries
Scott Hagemann, Caterpillar Inc, Market Professional – Grade Technologies



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