[VIDEO] One Step to Adjust Cat Grade with Slope Assist to Blade Wear

Simple instructions on how to maintain the accuracy of the standard Cat Grade with Slope Assist technology that's helping boost productivity on Caterpillar dozers

Caterpillar’s GRADE with Slope Assist is technology that provides simple grade control on the company’s dozers.

“2D Grade technology with Slope Assist can benefit projects that are not as complex,” says Scott Hagemann, Cat GRADE market professional. “By using the sensors integrated on the machine to maintain a desired main-fall or blade slope based on the level of the tracks, no infrastructure is needed. If you want to have a blade slope of 2% for watershed, input 2% for the blade slope, press auto and you control the blade elevation. The machine will maintain the blade slope.”

Caterpillar claims Grade Control Slope Assist automatically enables operators to finish grading projects up to 39% faster with up to 68% better surface quality and using up to 82% less operator effort. It maintains blade angles so you get better surface quality, even with a less experienced operator. No base station or laser is needed, there is no additional hardware, software or equipment to buy, and there is nothing to remove from the machine at the end of the day.

Here's the simple step necessary to maintain that surface quality as your dozer’s blade wears

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