Looking for lift truck rental opportunities?

TCM offers a line of pneumatic-tire lift trucks designed to maximize material handling rentals.

The all-new TCM PRO pneumatic-tire lift trucks have been designed to maximize material handling rental opportunities.

Also available with solid pneumatic tires, these Class 5 trucks operate safely on a wide variety of surfaces and also have dual fuel capability.

Some of the features include:

Finger tip fuel changeover. TCM dual fuel models change from LPG to gasoline and back again by flipping a switch - without any mechanical adjustments. New engines meet Tier 3 emissions specifications while delivering excellent fuel economy. They also run cooler for long operating life.

Quietly reliable transmissions. TCM designs and builds transmissions with cast-iron cases and large, robust shafts, bearings and gears. In addition, they have large torque converters and clutch packs to handle severe-duty applications.

Masts deliver smooth lifting. Relocated and strengthened mast cross members resist twisting motions for superior load control, operating stability and fork tip visibility. Placement of the tilt cylinders under the floor increases floor space and eliminates a tripping hazard. The operating temperature of the hydraulic oil has been significantly reduced by upgrading mechanical components and hydraulic circuitry.

Lift Truck

Improved productivity. The new TCM PRO Dual Isolation System reduces vibration and helps keep operators alert. The optional suspension seat with built-in restraint system is adjustable for position, weight balance, and tilt. The wide-open floor has 45 percent more space and the steps are 55 percent wider for easy entry and exit. TCM PRO engines produce more torque at lower RPMs, resulting in faster acceleration and lifting. The small, anti-kickback steering wheel and smooth, precise controls make load handling easy and quick. The lowered dash gives 50 percent better forward visibility, and soft landing forks are available for delicate loads.

Improved safety. A complete system of safety interlocks is standard, including neutral safety switch, weight-sensing seat interlock, tilt cylinder lock and an optional mast lift lock. The three-piece overhead guard is designed for protection and economical collision repair, and has integrated, vibration-resistant combination lights.

Simple, rugged chassis. The steer axle structure has been strengthened for longer service. A special damper cushions and steadies the axle for stable operation over uneven surfaces, yet requires no periodic maintenance.