Educate Homeowners on Benefits of Renting Pressure Washers

Make sure your homeowner customers know renting a commercial-grade pressure washer is often more economical than buying a consumer-grade unit.

Homeowners unfamiliar with the upkeep requirements of owning a pressure washer may not be familiar with the fact that water left in the pump in a cold area can freeze and crack components. Plus, consumer-grade pressure washers are not designed for long-term, intense usage. Renting allows the customer the ability to use a high-performance unit that is well maintained by the rental company, meaning they don't have to spend the time and money to maintain it when not in use.

Homeowners should also know that most consumer-grade pressure washers are models with high pressures and lower water volume, says Keith Price, vice president and general manager at Shark Pressure Washers. But high water volume balanced with high pressure produces the most effective cleaning, he adds. "Commercial-grade machines offer that ideal balance between volume and pressure to deliver faster, more effective cleaning.”

Another benefit of renting a pressure washer, homeowners won't have to find the space to store it when it's not in use.

So how do you get the word out to homeowners that renting can be a better decision than buying? Promote. Let them know what you have in stock and how it can help them in their cleaning needs. Promote the convenience of renting equipment the homeowner does not need to store or maintain. And promote your expertise in helping the customer choose the equipment they need.

Rental Product News Insights magazine has the full article "Promoting Pressure Washer Rentals" to give you more tips and how-to information on promoting renting over purchasing for your homeowner customers.