Cold-water Pressure Washers

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K'auml;rcher has introduced an innovative new line of full-sized, electric-powered, cold-water pressure washers ideal for outdoor and indoor cleaning. The four models deliver cleaning power of up to 3,200 psi of pressure with a flow rate of up to 4.5 gpm. All the models come with K'auml;rcher's patented, professional-grade axial pump integrated with a four-pole, water-cooled motor. This ergonomically designed equipment allows for hours of fatigue-free cleaning. The unique pulsation dampener system eliminates the hammering effect associated with traditional power cleaning equipment. Other features include: pressure-controlled auto start/stop to ensure motor and pump shut down automatically when trigger is released; infinitely variable water pressure, volume temperature control and detergent metering; triple touch-less changeover nozzle that can instantly switch between spray patterns of 0 and 25 degrees as well as low-pressure detergent injection for faster cleaning; and low-pressure soap injection system and a special gun that allows the operator to adjust the flow rate while washing.

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