OSC114C Carbide Tip Multi-Tool Blade

Carbide tip increases blade life versus conventional bi-metal blade options in metal.

Bosch2 10163588

The carbide tip blade can cut both metal and wood and offers a longer blade life versus a conventional bi-metal blade option in metal.

  • 1-1/4 inch blade width
  • Welded to a high-carbon steel body.
  • 1.25 mm interface bracket for reduced vibration.
  • Can cut harsh applications like fiber board, cement board, plaster and lathe, ceramic tile, nails, bolts, screws, sheet metal, copper pipe, cast iron and hardwoods.
  • Offers Bosch's Oscillating Interface System (OIS) which maintains the 12-pin structure of the company's first multi-tool interface but can be used on every professional brand of multi-tool. 
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