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Mantis offers the following power options for their tiller/cultivators: two-cycle, electric, and four-cycle (powered by Honda). Tiller/Cultivators feature patented serpentine tines (guaranteed against breakage for life), 9-inch tine width tills to 10 inches deep (3 inches when reversed for shallow cultivating), ability to till all types of soil, including sod and even hard clay. The two-cycle model weighs 20-lbs., offers electronic Ignition and optional attachments including a border edger, plow, planter/furrower, crevice cleaner, aerator, dethatcher, wheel set and single-edge or double-edge hedge trimmer bars. Electric tillers feature a 120-volt heavy-duty electric motor, quiet starts and a long-lasting precision worm-gear transmission (no belts to slip, no chains to break or stretch). The Honda-powered tiller features a four-cycle Honda Engine, push-button primer for fast, easy starting and electronic ignition


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