Haulotte Updates Colors Signaling Graphic Coherence

Haulotte has implemented new colors; the yellow remains unchanged to provide cohesion, the usual light grey switches to a darker one to obtain a higher contrast, and all safety elements are now painted red for easy identification.

Avant Apres Color Trim
Haulotte Group
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As part of a design and marketing approach aimed at strengthening graphic coherence throughout its people and material lifting equipment range, Haulotte has modified the color trim and markings of its machines. This change facilitates the understanding of the machine architecture and the reading of essential information.

Equipment color 

The Haulotte machine's new color chart allows a clear visual distinction between all elements. The main parts of the machine are immediately identifiable.

  • Haulotte brand’s emblematic yellow remains unchanged to provide visibility
  • The usual light grey switches to a darker one to obtain a higher contrast
  • All safety elements are now painted red to easily locate them at a glance
  • The platform access elements are standardized in a dark color for better identification
  • Wheel rims turn black

"The implementation of a new color trim goes far beyond simply refreshing the aesthetics of our machine range. We aimed at developing a homogeneous and impactful visual identity with recurring markers, that are never ornamental but always at the service of functionality and legibility," said Sebastian Dittus, Haulotte designer.

Equipment marking update for better visibility

Machine marking has been redesigned and contributes to a better information visibility and reading. It becomes monochrome (black or white characters, depending on the background) for a more modern and refined look. The working height is highlighted in the model designation thanks to a cartridge.

New safety labels are also being rolled out to make it easier to read instructions.

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