IPAF's Free Educational Webinar Series Continues to Expand

The series of webinars from IPAF encompass a MEWP users’ responsibilities encompassed in a MEWP-specific safe-use program.

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The IPAF North America Regional Council has a goal of supporting all MEWP users to meet their responsibilities and raise awareness of the new ANSI A92 MEWP standards. Therefore, IPAF released a series of webinars that surround a MEWP users’ responsibilities encompassed in a MEWP-specific safe-use program.  

Three of five webinars have been delivered already and are recorded for ongoing use. All prior IPAF webinars can be found via www.ipaf.org/webinars to review free of charge. 

The “ANSI MEWP User Responsibilities,” "Developing MEWP-Specific Safe-Use Plan,” and "Providing Standardized Compliant/Reliable Training" webinars were broadcast to live audiences who had the opportunity to ask questions, which are included in the recordings. These three webinars provide in-depth information and raise awareness on each of these critical MEWP user responsibilities that assist in ensuring safe and productive operations. 

The next free webinar is scheduled for August 5 starting at 11am EST on the topic, “Developing MEWP Risk Assessment and Safe-Work Procedures.” Most know they should conduct a site risk assessment prior to the start of work to identify all potential hazards and create control measures to eliminate or mitigate the risk. Unfortunately, too many do not take the next step to develop safe-work procedures in order to facilitate workers implementing the recommended control measures. Everyone who operates a MEWP, or is responsible for preforming site risk assessments for any job, needs to register for this session. 

On September 23, another IPAF webinar will discuss, “How to Conduct MEWP Operator Evaluations.” A MEWP user is responsible for monitoring, supervising, and evaluating MEWP operators on a regular basis to ensure their proficiency. Visit www.ipaf.org/events to view all upcoming IPAF presentations, events, and webinars and find details of how to register. Please contact info@ipaf.org with any questions or ideas for future webinar presentations. 

Innovate 2021 Workshop Cancelled 

With much regret, IPAF’s North America Regional Council has decided to cancel this year’s Innovate workshop. In the midst of the pandemic, IPAF planned to offer the workshop as a remote event and, while confident that this could be accomplished, it was decided that it would be better to instead focus on scheduling a face-to-face event. With other events already on the books in the second half of 2021, it has been decided to postpone until next year. 

“We have strong support for the value and need for an industry workshop open to all industry stakeholders,” stays Bal Guerrero, United Rentals, who is the council’s chair. “This event serves as an incubator for solutions to industry issues that are shared openly in the market where the ideas can become reality. We plan to set a date for a face-to-face event during 2022 that we are confident will be our best ever.”  

Check out the IPAF website events page for announcements as to the new date and to register.  

Information provided by IPAF and edited by Alexis Sheprak.