Volvo Rents Expands to Canada

Acquisition of the Centreline Group, a six-location equipment rental company in Ontario, marks Volvo Rents' first Canadian acquisition

Volvorents 10568439

In 2011, Volvo Rents acquired more than 50 companies in the United States. Recently, however, the brand announced its first acquisition north of the border with the recent signing of the Centreline Group of Rental Companies, a six-location construction equipment rental company found throughout Ontario, Canada. This new acquisition lifts Volvo Rents’ North American location total to more than 90 stores.

The new Volvo Rents locations are located in Windsor, Leamington, Chatham, London, Dumfries and Hamilton and are the first for the company in the province of Ontario.

“As the recession abates, the construction equipment rental industry is projected to be one of the fastest growing industries in North America, as more people are choosing to rent rather than commit to capital expenditures,” Mike Crouch, vice president of business development for Volvo Rents, said in a written statement from the company. “Our strong brand recognition, coupled with the growing demand for equipment rental, allows us to look to the future with great enthusiasm.”

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