Inverter 10890920

The Subaru Inverter Generator line includes the 3,200-watt RG3200iS and the first-ever 4,300-watt inverter generator the RG4300iS. Advanced inverter technology reduces running sound by running the engine at a slower speed for low power use and automatically increasing speed as more electrical power is required.

  • Advanced revese cooling design - generator is fully enclosed in sound-absorbing poly-resin enclosure
  • Powered by Subaru EX OHC (overhead cam) gasoline engines
  • Electronically controlled voltage and frequency
  • Microcomputer monitors electronics and electrical conditions; automatically cuts power output to protect from overloading and electrical shorts
  • Multi-Monitor integrates AC voltmeter, frequency meter, hour meter, idle control and electric oil-level sensor
  • One-touch control system allows all engine functions to be controlled with turn of a dial
  • Compact multi-phase alternators
  • 4-wheel rolling kit
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