Stellar 40P Compressor

Stellar's 40P is a hybrid reciprocating compressor that pairs aluminum and cast steel to control weight.

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The lightweight, hydraulically-driven 40P is a reciprocating compressor that uses a combination of aluminum and steel to control the weight of the unit while maintaining longevity.

  • Weighs just 240 lbs. yet produces a maximum air output of 40 cfm and up to 150 psi of air pressure
  • Direct drive via a hydraulic motor means no belts to replace
  • Hydraulic requirements of 12 gpm and 2,100 psi for operation
  • Standard heavy-duty crankshaft, stainless steel reed valves for heat resistance, flip-top lid for easy service access and canister air filters for easy replacement
  • Mounting envelope of 30.44" x 20" x 22.68"
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