Detroit Connect Expands Reporting Capabilities

Detroit Connect Direct provides customers immediate and secure access to customized vehicle location, performance, driver behavior and safety data.


Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) announced the introduction of two new connectivity services into its Detroit Connect portfolio - Detroit Connect Direct and a wireless in-cab device connection. Exclusive to the new Freightliner Cascadia spec’d with Detroit engines, these new services will expand communication and reporting capabilities and provide deeper insights for customers.

Detroit Connect Direct provides fleets with direct access to critical information such as vehicle location, fault codes and diagnostics, fuel performance, safety data and driver behavior. With Detroit Connect Direct, customers can select which data sets they want, how much and how frequently they would like that data made available so it can be imported into their backend systems.

“In addition to the vehicle-centric services we provide today, we understand that our customers have different business requirements as well as a variety of roles in their business that need accurate and timely information to help them perform their daily functions effectively,” said Jason Krajewski, director of connectivity for Daimler Trucks North America. “Detroit Connect Direct is all about empowering our customers by providing on-demand information they can tailor to meet their specifications and allow them to run their business more efficiently and profitably.”

The proprietary Detroit Connect platform will also link wirelessly with an in-cab device via Bluetooth, which allows hours of service (HOS) data to be delivered to Detroit Connect authorized Electronic Logging Device (ELD) apps. This provides the necessary information required from the vehicle to meet the federal ELD regulations without the need for any additional pieces of hardware.

“We are streamlining the ability for customers to receive critical information such as vehicle performance and hours of service reporting,” said Krajewski. “The Detroit Connect platform continues to enhance the benefits our customer can achieve through vehicle connectivity.”

The Detroit Connect platform also enables over-the-air engine parameter changes and extraction of engine reports. These latest innovations reinforce DTNA’s overall commitment to delivering connected vehicle services.

DTNA was the first truck OEM to offer remote diagnostics services with the introduction of Detroit Connect Virtual Technician more than seven years ago. This innovative technology gives customers new insights into engine, transmission and aftertreatment fault events and is available on all Detroit engines, including the Detroit DD5 and DD8, across all DTNA truck models. The access to this vital information helps customers improve uptime, and their bottom lines. 

“Since the launch of our remote diagnostics service – Detroit Connect Virtual Technician – we have sought new opportunities for customers to interact with data on their terms, in ways that meet their needs.” said Krajewski. “DTNA will continue to lead innovation through advanced, customer-focused solutions that have a measurable impact on their business.”