10 Hottest Construction Stories This Week: How PPP Loans Can Stifle DOT Contractors’ Revenue

Most-read construction stories include conversation with the animators behind Caterpillar’s PAC-MAN trial, geofoam’s role in the modern construction, 3 ways concrete is improving, 4 ways to get the most done with the fewest machines

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Cu Formless Img 1916 002 5f91d7889f028 5f91d7a6bacd110. Miller Formless Expands Concrete Lineup with Acquisition of Two MBW Slipform Paver Models

Miller Formless announces that it has acquired the MBW slipform paver models C-101 and the CG-200

9. Maeda Mini Cranes Help Combat Wildfires

Recently, Maeda Mini Cranes aided in some plane and helicopter maintenance during the wildfires on the West Coast


8. How to Build Accountable Responsible Workers

You can’t do it all yourself. Here’s five steps to get your people to do things right


Cu 01 Most Done 600x400 5f90985033f05 5f90985d35dbb7. 4 Ways to Get the Most Done With the Fewest Machines

Every piece of equipment added to your fleet brings revenue opportunity, and here’s how to balance that with owning costs and operating expenses so it eats the least amount of profits


6. AEM Survey Finds Few COVID-19 Layoffs in Construction

'Voice of customer' survey asked questions related to workforce furloughs and layoffs and bringing back the workforce


Cu Pac Man25. Cat Trial 9: PAC-MAN Animators Discuss Collaboration & Design Behind Gameboard

In this behind the scenes interview, ForConstructionPros speaks with Caterpillar, Inc. designers about how they brought the PAC-MAN gameboard to life


4. 3 Ways Concrete is Improving

Much like how technology keeps innovating in different fields, manufacturers keep looking for all sorts of ways to improve the quality of construction drastically — concrete is not an exception


3. PCA Forecasts a Decline in Cement Consumption

Portland Cement Association projects a decline in cement consumption for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021


Cu Insulfoam Geofoam Placement Cdot Us36 Img 0691 5f90a979123bf 5f90aa53d6fce 5f90aae46b838 5f90aaef7ee3e 5f90aaf9e2b89 5f918549c586d2. The Role of Geofoam in the Evolution of the Modern Construction Industry

The use of EPS geofoams, has emerged as a key trend contributing to more sustainability and efficiency in the construction world


1. How PPP Loans Can Challenge Revenue Growth for State DOT Contractors

Experts say there may be some long-term revenue-generating challenges that come from taking advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program loanCu Ppp Adobe Stock 344450945 5f909e2804833