AMPT (Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester)

Instrotek 10175519
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The InstroTek SuperPave Performance Tester (SPT) determines the performance of asphalt mixtures with respect to rutting and fatigue cracking.

  • Integrated hydraulic testing machine incorporating a high performance hydraulic actuator, air-cooled hydraulic power pack, Control & Data Acquisition System (CDAS), a combined triaxial cell and environmental temperature control unit, all in one compact and affordable machine
  • Specifically designed to perform three tests developed under NCHRP projects 9-19 & 9-29, including the Dynamic Modulus Test that provides a stiffness value (E*) for the asphalt mixture; the Repeated Load/Flow Number Test that simulates different loading conditions from passing traffic by placing a repeated load on an asphalt sample until it flows; and the Static Creep/Flow Time Test that simulates a static load from stopped traffic by placing a steady pressure until the asphalt flows

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