Accu Shear Component

Foamed asphalt is manufactured by the introduction of precisely metered water into the flow of liquid asphalt between the A.C. pump, meter and the plants mixing zone. The water, when introduced into the A.C. immediately turns into steam gas which expands the volume of the liquids. The shear unit and the mixing action that takes place with the application of horsepower are similar to an emulsion process. The foamed asphalt more completely coats all aggregates, RAP, RAS, -200 or other materials. By positively blending the additives with the liquid asphalt, the foaming action is DRAMATICALLY INCREASED. More importantly, the fusion is maintained for a longer period. The Custom Engineered Accu-Shear Multiple Purpose Additive Blending System consists of the following components which emphasize performance, accuracy, ease of installation, operation and adaptability.

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