Stansteel T-Trac Trunnion Alignment Tool

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Correctly adjusted trunnions reduce maintenance cost and plant downtime and the T-Trac Trunnion Alignment Tool by Stansteel and Hotmix Parts & Service can help accomplish this task.

  • The T-Trac allows you to square the trunnions and tires within 100/1000th of an inch in precision
  • In order to use the T-Trac correctly, lockout procedures need to be observed while working in contact with the equipment
  • The T-Trac consists of a magnetic base with dial indicators attached on each end facing the tire. Calibrate the dial indicators to the base with the included calibration blocks and the T-Trac is ready for use. Place the T-Trac on the side of the trunnion with both dial indicators on the side of the tire. Each of the four trunnions must be adjusted to the neutral position, meaning there is no longer uphill- or downhill-thrust. Adjust the trunnions to achieve a neutral (zero) delta between the two indicators, meaning that the trunnion is perfectly parallel with the tire. The same method is performed for all four trunnions
  • Once all four trunnions are in a neutral thrust, the T-Trac can be used to skew each trunnion for the correct skew and thrust
  • The trunnion adjustment methods of using a laser can take up to four to five hours to properly adjust your system
  • When using the T-Trac, precisely adjusting trunnions and tires can take as little as and an hour and a half to complete the process for all four trunnions
  • The Stansteel & Hotmix Parts service technicians can even visit your plant and demonstrate the T-Trac and adjust and skew your trunnions for you, ensuring precision accuracy of the adjustments
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