RoadSaver IIIG Slurry/Micro Surfacing Machine

Operate without need for a side engine, delivering full power from engine idle to maximum rpm

Roadsaveriiig 10450595

The next generation of RoadSaver features eco-friendly design with no side engine - an industry first. Reduce emissions, maintenance & administrative costs with the RoadSaver IIIG.

  • PACCAR truck engine runs quieter & reduces the air quality concerns inherent in older equipment, preparing your organization for ever-tightening environmental regulations around the world
  • Electric over hydraulic throttle controls
  • Hot water jacketed emulsion pump & valve provides timely valve & pump performance even on cold start days
  • Convenience Package: includes walk around lubrication, aggregate inspection window, camlock fittings, DOT dome covers & ladders both front & rear
  • 100% hydraulic drivers, no chains or sprockets
  • Security covers for the operator control center & joysticks
  • A protected compartment is built under the pugmill to provide secure mounting of valuable hydraulic components, sealed from weather & work contamination
  • Pavement water/fog spray system
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