BA 7/35B Asphalt Binder Analyzer

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Carbolite’s new ABA 7/35B Asphalt Binder Analyzer simplifies and automates calculation of the asphalt binder content of hot mix asphalts (HMAs) used for in road surfacing.

  • Optimized for standard compliant tests to BS EN 12697-39-2004, ASTM 6307-10 and AASHTO T308-10 - standard test methods for determining the asphalt content of hot mix asphalt applying the ignition method
  • Intuitive touch screen interface is easy to use even when wearing gloves, for fast simple error-free operation
  • Test recipes are easily stored, recalled and transferred between furnaces
  • Provides automatic collection of weights and correction factors
  • Test specific, end of test detection methods (percentage or absolute), aggregate correction factors and print outputs can all be selected using the analyzer in order to comply with the standard test methods
  • Central controller takes weight measurements from the internal balance and is able to upload weights from compatible external balances
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